Truth BBQ


My husband discovered Truth BBQ last year on a bike ride through the area with our good friends MJ This place looks very inviting and rustic and immediately spiked his interest. So, they tried it and loved it. I believe M told him that this was one of the best BBQs he’s ever had, and he can be almost as judgy as me. So, I couldn’t wait to join the gang in Houston and see for myself. I was still in Germany back then and was finalizing everything with our move overseas.

When I arrived in January, we went to Truth very soon and I loved it. The brisket meat is so soft and tender that it literally melts in your mouth. The sides are delicious as well. Our favorite is the tatertot casserole. We love to take out of town guests to this restaurant and usually there is a line in front of the restaurant. But the waiting time goes by very fast because you can watch the smokers do their work through the open windows next door. You can also get a drink while you wait. The last couple of times (I’m guessing because of our summer temperatures), there was an employee with a large cooling box outside selling nice cool drinks in case you needed a refreshment. Once the line moves inside the whole process is very well organized.

Most people order meat combos where you can choose from 1-3 different meats like brisket, pulled pork, ribs, sausages and daily specials. Once you have ordered your meat, you move on to the next employee who hands out your delicious sides like potato salad, corn, brussels sprouts, mac and cheese or our fav, the tatertot casserole. We usually eat a meat combo with brisket, but the sandwiches look very tasty as well. Haven’t tried it so far. They also offer you cucumbers and bread with your order and bottled or fountain drinks. Step 3 with the next employee is making the payment. The food comes on trays and the sides in little paper containers. Plastic cutlery is located next to the drinking fountains. You’ll pass this area on your way to finding a nice table to sit down.

The restaurant has a nice rustic Texas atmosphere with industrial accents like the lamps hanging from the ceiling. Walls are decorated with magnets, Texas maps and a large picture of the American flag. The seating area is not too crowded, and all the tables have lots of space between each other. On the table you find their signature sauces, which you can also purchase along with other merchandise articles like shirts and hats. Also very helpful are paper towels on each table.

An outdoor area is also available, but they have limited seating and the indoor air-conditioning lets you enjoy your food way better. In case you’re still hungry after your meal, Truth also offers desserts and gigantic cakes.

Very important to know: Truth doesn’t have strict opening hours. They will close once they’re sold out which happens mostly around 4 pm on weekends. So, keep that in mind when you plan your trip. I recommend going there for lunch. Ordering ahead with curbside pickup is also available.

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