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Kemah Boardwalk and Texas City


Our small 1 day roadtrip took us to the Kemah Boardwalk and Texas City. It truly was a fun and memorable day which gave us some inspiration where to take out of town guests.

Kemah Boardwalk

Kemah Boardwalk was on our bucket list for a while now. It is an amusement park with lots of rides, little shops and restaurants located on the water. It took us about an hour from Houston to get to the Boardwalk. Lucky for us it was a cold and windy but sunny day – meaning not many people were out exploring. We mostly had the area to ourselves. But I can totally see that this would be super crowded in a couple of month or even weeks. We parked at the garage closest to the Boardwalk area and paid $10.

We are not big on rides and some of the rides were not open anyways, so we just walked the area and enjoyed the nice breeze coming from the water. A few blocks from the Boardwalk is a little area area called Lighthouse district Just follow Kipp Ave from the Boardwalk. The Kemah Lighthouse will be on your left by 6th street (5 min walk). You can also find cute shops, a coffee shop and restaurants in this area (Bradford St.).

Texas City and The Dike

After the Kemah Boardwalk we decided to check out Texas City. There is not a lot to do. Like most cities in Texas they have a mural (behind Rigos’s Cafe on 6th St N between 9th and 10th Ave) and a museum (Texas City Museum). We took a picture by the mural but the museum was closed that day.

So we drove to the Dike which was the best decision ever. The Dike is 10 min by car from the museum. Every car needs to pay $10 at the entry. From there you can follow the street which is about 8km (5-ish miles) all the way to the end into the mouth of Galveston Bay. This area is a popular fishing spot. We saw lots of people enjoying the fresh air and trying their luck fishing. You can easily spend your day here. It is nice to walk, they have numerous tables and picknick areas to sit down and enjoy a break. Some areas even a little beach with a little sand. Dixie toilets are also provided.

We even got a chance to see some fishing boats which I had never seen so close before. What made it even more special were the pelicans sitting on board. Such impressive and beautiful birds. We had to take lots of stops for me to do bird watching and waiting for the perfect picture.

Kemah Boardwalk and Texas City truly was a perfect getaway before it gets to hot in our area.

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